Monday, February 23, 2009

New Fundraiser for the Kids

Hey guys!

We are already off to a great start with the new project. We have a floor loom, sewing equipment, and lots and lots of fabrics. I am so excited about the summer program with our students. We have great teachers who have voluteered their supersized skills and time.

Special note****Donated by LucyW: 5 trashbags full of various cotton loopers for the rugs. Thanks Lucy!

Our first session starts with:

Wools to warmth

Hats, sweaters, scarves and booties. How does the fiber get from the sheep to the finished product? Let's find out! We will start our adventure at the farm with the wool and finish with a project such as a hat, a washcloth, a scarf, or a pair of socks. No matter your skill, you will have lots of fun and learn something you will never forget. Come play with us!

Skills to study:

Preparing wool for carding

Carding wool by hand

Spinning with the drop spindle and spinning wheel

Plying finished product into yarn

Knitting your first project

Crocheting your first project

Felting and fulling

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Do what?

Ok so I wanted to learn to knit socks. No problem, I can do that. I can knit tiny little beaded purses with 4/0 needles, so a little size 0 (2mm) set of circulars should be no problem. RIGHT.....

2-at-a-time Socks
by Melissa Morgan-Oakes
Storey Publishing, LLC

I bought this really cool book '2-at-a-time Socks' by Melissa Morgan-Oakes. Looked cool, sounded like fun, and I of course do not have a problem following directions. However, I keep rereading the instructions and apparently I have been saying 'Do WHAT?!' alot. Edward finally came into the kitchen and asked what was wrong. So I showed him. He said, 'Do what?, Mom you broke it or something. That is a mess.' I dunno. She said in the directions that it would look a little crazy in the beginning, but man, this is a mess.